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Default Re: Some odd symptoms...

Originally Posted by riverman View Post
I'm carrying on the romance with Aerie only. I know there are bugs and I thought the BG2 Tweaks was supposed to fix them. But now I have uninstalled the fixes and I was wondering if I am going to have trouble in the future. If so, I was looking for another romance patch besides the one in BG2 Tweaks that would not cause the "Aerie false dialog stops" I was seeing with the Tweak version. I could just play through and see what happens. So far so good. I've already refused to sleep with her the first time and she seemed okay with waiting.
Well, I wish you luck. Like I said, read thru the Aerie romance posts, they have a lot of usefull advice. Since you didn't sleep with her the first time offered, there is a good chance the romance will work for you. HOWEVER..... the Aerie romance is hard(for me) to roleplay. She constantly whines about her lost wings, and your romance dialog choices practically force the big bad demi-god of your PC to be girly-man sensitive. Aerie needs to buck-up and get over her past,,,so she can be the badass spell-slinger she was meant to be...when not whining about her damn wings.
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