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Default Re: Some odd symptoms...

This is my preferred Install order
1. BG2 SoA
2. ToB expansion
3. ToB patch 26498
4. BG2 Fixpack
5. All other mods
6. BG2 Tweaks

So, the BG fixpack needs to be in there BEFORE the Tweakpack. You can try backing up your saves, reinstalling the game (and associated mods) then copy the saves back into the saves folder. But I don't think that will really fix your problem, you will probably have to start a new game.

The Tweakpack almost always needs to be installed last,,,because it 'tweaks' weapons and items. So any mods that introduce weapons and items need to be installed so the Tweakpack can tweak them!
Regarding Aerie's walking speed....this seems to be a problem that happens to people that import their BG1 PC into SoA. But the problem usually happens to the PC. Make sure Aerie isn't overburdened and walking slow because of that. Hope this helps.
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