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alright. I am a very poor listener. I admit it. I thought I am good, at least OK, then I found out I suck like shit.

anyway, Gina constantly complaint that I gave her "lectures" and that made her feel worse. True that I've been telling her what I think about her and her problems, and that just seems to make matter worse because she says "you have no idea about my lfie." how the hell am I supposed to understand her if she constantly refuses to talk about her feelings?

now I am completely shut off from her. it is like all the effort I spent are wasted. what the f***? why cannot I ever just shut up and listen for God's sake?? please, good gentlemen and ladies out there, if you have any tips on "listening" or "communication" please give me your input...

why do I keep mess things up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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