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Originally posted by Dace De'Briago:
Originally posted by Dreamer128:
Actually, Killerdwarf, I think your char regenerates health at 20 CON [img]smile.gif[/img] I could be wrong though, as I never played a character with such a score.
Confirmed. Regeneration begins at a constitution score of 20 with the wonderfully useless regeneration rate of 1hp/6 turns.

The constitution/bonus hitpoints for warriors values are as follows:

15 - +1hp
16 - +2hp (maximum bonus for non-warrior)
17 - +3hp
18 - +4hp
19 - +5hp
20 - +5hp (1/6 turns regen)
21 - +6hp (1/5 turns regen)
22 - +6hp (1/4 turns regen)
23 - +6hp (1/3 turns regen)
24 - +7hp (1/2 turns regen)
25 - +7hp (1/1 turn regen)

[/QUOTE]not useless, just bad. the only use is that he usually maxes out in hp when sleeping(which loses that use in bg2, since theres the *rest until healed* option).
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