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Ahh..well Charean, glad to see you even in "lurk mode"! And I'm thinking you and Reeka are right...corsets out...wet towels IN..HAHAHA...oh my...these afternoon 'visits' with the barkeep/fireman do make me a bit, er, feisty!

Now...what were you discussing before KDog made that sweet offer of letting you be uncaged...Hmmmm...I didn't see a cage up there...(makes note to look more closely when she goes back up with the fireman)

Oh yes, Zeeke's initiation! I imagine someone will come up with a good idea...I won't be in tonight for long, but I'll see what you have by then...hehehe

CB, standing around the Inn's main room in a towel..waiting for the RL monster to relinquish it's hold on a fireman/barkeep of her acquaintance who sora resembles a certain Paladin she also knows

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