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I only took a short look at it (have to read it completely at one day), but there's one point i totally disagree:

The most important protective spell isn't elemental shield. It's magic screen.

Well, elemental shield give you a high resistance (+70%) against 4 of the realm after you successful casted it in combat. Magic screen gives you the same protection, against all magic. And you can cast it outside combat, so it will always be up in combat.

In addition, you don't really need fast characters to get elemental shield and soul shield up, if magic screen is already running. I rarely push speed for spellcasters, and usually play in expert ironman. If you need them up in a combat, you usually are able to engage combat from outside the enemies view, so they can't cast at you in the first round.

The second most important defensive spell is missile shield IMO. Most ironman parties i lost after Arnika were killed because they didn't have a good missile shield available (usually only samurai for wizardry spells).

Another point: You say Fairie is the best race for spellcasters. Well, IMO it is for mages and psionics. But Priest, bishop and alchemist can use lots of armor (and weapons) that a fearie is unable to use. Fairies can'T even wear robes of Rejuvination. So Fairie is ok for classes whitch are very restricted by themself, but IMO bad for the other ones.
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