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@ WillowIX
Hey! Ouch! What's this? Well, that has to be the first time I've ever been spanked with a twig. Or is it rather, a duplicate of that iron poker used to torture that hapless prisoner in the Serpent Temple?
Either way, ouch that tickles. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Well, it looks like Moraine is the only one so far to have the models...or do you have them as well Bftcs and were merely showing derision towards them? I think its great when games do these kinds of things, as it helps to engrave them further into one's consciousness. Take the tarot cards and ankh and certificate for example from the dragon edition release of Ultima Ascension. The cards adorn my wall and the Ankh stays forever atop my monitor to remind me of the ultimate quest! (I'll leave that as a vague metaphor for now...)

Originally posted by moiraine sedai:

I am making a wheel of time mod for d&d... I can email it to you when it's completed (if you're interested)...?
Hey, great idea, that'd be cool! I'd definitely take a read.
Are you using the D20 Wheel of Time guide? I've got quite a few friends who want to play it, just not enough of us have read all the books!

I must confess now that my knowledge of the massive world of Jordan only extends to the first book, 'Eye of the World', which I read last year at the urgency of a friend, who at the same time, read the first Dragonlance chronicle at my request. I laboured through it, but still enjoyed the odd concept and character here and there. I especially liked Elyas I think he was named, the mysterious wolf-follower who befriends Perrin and of course those fascinating dream sequences with Baah'Alzamon. (sp?)

Have you read all the way through to crossroads of twilight? Some of my friends have said that there's alot of scene setting and political happenings, but a distinct lack of action recently (not that I'd mind)
I need to get more motivation to go any further with the series, as I'm quite a slow reader. I've heard however, that book two is meant to be one of the best! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Originally posted by Moraine Sedai
Beware of the Shadow there...
*looks around in a feverish paranoid stealthiness*
Thanks for the tip!
So far, I've found one piece of jewelry and have cranked up the bridge and have just met Haphaestus...

So just to extend this thread a little further:
What other odd little items have people treasured from games? I should also mention my Ultima VII map, which actually looks more like a handkerchief. Ahh, the wonders of the Tectonic plate shifts in Brittanian history!

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