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Couldn't say how long it took me - several hours all told (maybe 8), but worked on it off and on.

This is my attempt at basic strategy guide. The real reason I did this was because I had extreme difficulties with this game similar to Tarjan's recent post:;f=15;t=003346

I was looking for exactly this type (beg.s ref.) of a post (either here, on other forums, or on someones web page) but could not find it. The best I could find was some analysis on character creation and a multitude of tips and hints. Worse still the character analysis was flawed in several respects - primarily because the emphasis was always on the character itself, and not on characters as they relate to a party.

Its funny you should mention AI work, a friend of mine is an expert in this field (phd physics) and has worked for the gaming industry before. My prof. however isn't this at, tax, and estate planning. (In otherwords I draft things like strategic trusts/LLC's to screw over creditors like the IRS.)

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