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Originally posted by Lord Ludtke:
Perhaps if you want to start with a xp LOWER then usual, but to make it higher is no problem at all.

True, but how professional would that be in a total conversion:
"When you start, please use the cheat commands to set your XP to 2 million because the game was designed on this basis."

Not exactly professional, is it? Now, if I have an edited version of this patch that is run during the MOD installation, the player will not need to do anything and the XP will be set to what I want at the start.

And I think you now understand, you have to do this if you wanna start with a lower XP....most Total Conversions will start with 0 XP because in BG2 you only started higher because it was continuing a previous story.

Anyway, luckily not all boards were as annoying as this one and I got some testers. Unfortunately it seems that every version of the exe has the starting XP at a different offset. This means that I will have to write a new version that searches for the default value then remembers the offset at which it was found and uses that thereafter.....

I guess I was kinda naive to post this on a gaming forum. I should have kept it on the editing forums, I just thought I'd get testers quicker here.
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