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Though I don't remember exactly, I think that for an equal power level setting Element Shield (and Soul Shield) provides more than double the protection of Magic Screen.
IIRC both increase your resistance by 10% per spell level (more with powercast).

You don't really need Magic Protection always on, in fact you rarely need it - (but of course when you do you need it you want it as strong as possible, see #1).
But you can cast magic screen once, and it usually lasts for several battles. Elemental shield needs about the same amount of mana for each cast. Plus, priests have lots of divine mana to spare, while mage or alchemist can easy use up their earth mana for whipping rocks.

I have rarely had a magic casting opponent NOT cast their worst spells the first round of combat (Murphy's Law at work?).
Either murphies law, or maybe they notice that your resistance is low without magic screen?
In my experience (just back from rapax castle), enemy spellcasters usually cast thier own protective spells first.

I'd actually consider Missile Shield more important than Mag. screen, but NOT for road type weeds and throwing Brigands.
The weeds in Xxxxxxx are often very hard without a good missile shield. In Arnika road, it helps quite a bit, but is not crucial.
Deathsting apuses are deadly. I lost two level 10-11 ironman parties to them in xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx, because my samurai couldn't cast it at high level.

Faeries are the best class for SPEED CASTERS, in addition they have better magical protection AND mana regeneration.
Yes, the mana regeneration is very nice, especially if you have only fairies as attack casters.

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