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So far I've hit four, and hope I don't run into anymore of the things, the kill me way to fast for my taste. (Most of the time with me not even being able to run away before the partys wiped out.) I've killed the four I ran into (finally after some great advice from someone here, which I'll repeat in my own fashion) and haven't hit anymore yet, between the village and the shurugeon castle. Which coincedently, was where I killed all four of the suckers. They won't follow you in side, so if you need to rest, heal, cast tons of silly spells, (I did, till i figured this out), you can run out, hit them from a distance with spells, and run back in. This is how I killed all four, so far, and I did this after I'd lowered the drawbridge, so thats where I was fighting from. Use any fire spells you may have, they seem to do rather well, although for one I finished it off with zap, cause I was impatient to become a samuri.