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Originally posted by Kaleban:
Maybe its just me, but I'm sort of a purist, and a mod like TDD which adds items, kits and other stuff sort of detracts from the original scope of the game.

I haven't played it yet, that's just my initial reaction. I do play Counter-Strike, but that's a TC mod, which I usually have no problems with, whereas TDD is more of an expansion.

Anyways, is it possible for someone to make a chain weapon with a double-Halberd range or something? That would kick arse!

P.S. If they had been implemented in the original game, then perhaps we'd have a more diverse group of oriental weapons and armor. I see no bamboo armor, samurai scalloped plate, or cord armor...

There are alot of items for the ninjas, samurajs and all the ohter 73 new kits in TDD..
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