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Originally posted by Jorath Calar:
All I have to say is... get a life. Its just a game for gods sake, Go out into the real world and find someone to love, I don't care who, but please stop living your lovelife through a computer game.

And no I'm not offended or anything, I just find it sad how involved people get into the love theme in BG2, it's a great part of the game, but I think some people take it waaaay too seriously.

Dude thats not the point, The romances are there to have fun with. And since it is a possiblity that a gay person may play BG II then he or she should have the oppertunity to have a homosexual romance in the game. Fair is fair. But because of Homophobic and or "Christian" responses to such a script would be huge and loud, they can't. Thats what we are discussing. Not the "Its fantasy get a grip on your life and don't take it seriously BS you just spouted. I live reality 13 to 14 hours a day and lately the reality that surrounds me just happens to SUCK!! So if I want to lose myself in a game, in a wonderfull game that just happens to let me romance a girl along with kicking monster's @sses and solving puzzles, SO BE IT!!
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