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Thanks for the help, folks. I did not realize that one can "roll again" on a level up... never done that.

Also, I agree with Sir Heinrich - I don't like cheating, I would much rather die fair and square (even if a stinking Kobold gets lucky). That being said, I do have Gatekeeper loaded. I have used it twice when I did something stupid and had to have my hard drive wiped and reformatted. I had a couple of legitimate characters with cool stats. After trying to recreate them the "proper" way, I resorted to Gatekeeper (I ain't getting any younger and after a few hours, I was close to the original stats but not there).

My fighter's stats are:
Half Elf, Chaotic Good
STR 18/98
DEX 18
CON 18
CHR 14

I bumped the charisma, sacrificing intelligence & wisdom, in hopes of getting stuff cheaper. Didn't work until my reputation went up. Also, early on, it was my past experience that "tanks" work best early on. Mages become more valuable in the later stages, in my opinion.

Thanks again for the assist(s).
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