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Originally posted by: IdiotRogue
I can't recall, is there another set of full plate mail to be bought, stolen or looted off a corpse anywhere else?
yes. there is another one either in the dwarf mines or in the gate. and if you have TOTSC i am about 95% sure that there is another regular full plate in durlag's tower. but don't go there until your theif is above 80% in both "trap detection" and "lock picking". and for that matter, your whole party should be at the top of their game. durlag's tower is about a fifth of the game and is a real challenge for anybody! atleast for those who don't CHEAT !!

if an npc has more hit points than you, there are two possible reasons. first, your constitution is low (below 18), or you are not saving your game before you level up. if you have an 18 for your constitution and still have low hp, it's because you are not reverting to your saved game and trying it again to see if you get a better role.

There.... I said it... don't feel any better, though... makes Gatekeeper look appealing, though
DON'T USE GATEKEEPER!! i downloaded gk and it completly ruined the game. i can only speak for bg1 and will tell that it is a game that is half story or plot and half combat. it is nothing like diablo or any other power oriented game. so if you use GK you might as well throw the game in the garbage!!

i was lucky for the fact that i almost finished the game all the way through and experienced bg without cheating at all. then i started a new game and used GK. after about 5 game hours i became extremely bored. because even if you tell yourself that i'm only going to change a few things here and few things there with your character, YOU WILL eventually go all the way. and TRUST ME it will ruin your gaming experience!

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