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Most have a tendency to pursue a single target to certain degree.

For example. I have a mage and two fighters, all hasted at level 7, trying to beat a stone golem.

1/ Mage stoneskin to take initial barrage. Fighter hits start for free damage.
2/ Stoneskin wears off and mage runs A BIT, golem follows and fighters pursue to hit for free.
If golem looses interest on mage (run to far) use one of the fighters as bait and get the mage back to fightnig ASAP. Repeat.
It's like the game "piggy in the middle". With 6 members I used this to finish baddies such as:
Darius, Greywolf in BG1 when I was level 3
In BG2 I used this on the Abyss Knights. This also works if you fave 3 or 4 opponents. Running and wasting time whilst your strong meleers finish them one by one.
I perfected this during Icewind Dale because cowardice can NOT finish the game.
You often enter the room faced with 20 Cold Waiths and Skeleton Warriors and you have no where to run (One of those Autosave entrences). So you have to Fireball youself to kill the Waiths and although weakened you can deal with the Skeleton Warriors because you have space to manoever and do the above.
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