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Another note on "green" creatures.Creatures that are friendly to the party if close enough when a positive enchantment is cast gain it as well.This actually can be quite exploitable.I realized this around the huge tree,the hunters don't move.Get behind them,your back is covered by the tree and rest.As soon as you are attacked cast bless,enchant blade,and whatever else you have(that's all I have now but armorplate ect.)and they all get it as well.Now you have an extra 3 or 4 guys with you all powered up.It's clobberin time.Rinse lather repeat.Power-ups to the people.
Trust is indeed a shiny jewel,set in the stone of friendship.And much like any other stone can be use to crush the skulls of those unsuspecting.To clear the path for me to claim my rightful place as master of all I survey.

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