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The Ebony Horror (Wah's Younger Brother)

Medium to Large Legendary Undead
Hit Dice: 10d12 + 40 (160 HP)
Initiative: +12 (Improved Initiative, Dex Bonus, Unnatural Speed)
Speed: 40 ft.
Armor Class: 30
Attacks: Talons +29 Melee, Weapon +30 Melee, Bite +20 Melee
Damage: Talons 2d12 + 10 + Energy Drain, Bite 1d10 + Energy Drain
Face/Reach: 6ft. X 6ft./12
Special Attacks: Spells, Breath Weapon, Spell-like Abilities, Energy Drain, Shadowflame, Aura of Power, Greater Lich Touch
Special Qualities: Undeath, Flesh Form, SR 30, Life Sight, Spell Mastery (Any necromancy spell), Energy Immunity, Arcane Vision, Regeneration 5, Damage Reduction 25/+4, Unnatural Speed, Frightful Presence, Dark Vision
Saves: Fort +0, Will +26, Reflex +19
Abilities: STR 16, CON 0, DEX 22, INT 35, WIS 34, CHR 10
Skills: Any 10 Knowledge Skills +20, Bluff +20, Concentration +20, Intimidate +20, Scry +20, Spell Craft +20, Sense Motive +15
Feats: All Meta Magic Feats, All Item Creation Feats + Class Feats, Weapon Finesse (Talons)
Climate/Terrain: Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 25
Treasure: Quadruple Standard
Alignment: Always Evil
Advancement Range: By Character Class

The Ebony Horror, many mages and priests whisper in dark corners about a creature of animated magic and necromancy that is so vile and powerful that it represents and wields the power an entire plane of existence by itself. The Ebony Horror is perhaps the most powerful lich variant in existence and as such it is rarely seen or even heard of except through certain secretive groups and through the lich's own loyal minions.

Unlike most liches, the Ebony Horror isn't even natural in the fact that it is made from it's own body. The skeletal frame of the undead mage is no longer ancient and yellowed bone, but strong-as-steel obsidian, reinforced and shaped by powerful magics and instilled with the knowledge of ages. This form can look like anything, thus, the actual appearance of an Ebony Horror depends on the individual lich that created the body to house his mind and soul. Some have been noted to have horns, spiked tails, and even multiple mouths and arms. This Golem-like body, once enchanted, houses a permanent gateway to the Negative Energy Plane which resides in the "chest" area, suspended in the creation's rib cage. This magical portal provides the body the energy on which to run and fuels the magical powers the newly created lich has at its' disposal. Most of these undead stand between 5 to 15 feet tall (Placing them between the middle to the Large size category) in height and wear whatever specially prepared clothes can fit them after animation. This isn't always the truth though, as the new body can be as small as a gnome if the creating lich wishes. They are seen as blackened bone and roaring black flame

Ebony Horrors are usually a controlling lot that find their way back into society after their transformation. This is possible with its ability to once again take the form of a living man or woman, down to the beating of a heart and pulsing blood. They are known to revel in the creation of undead, the summoning of extra-planar allies and controlling the feeble minds of the living around them. You might even find them masquerading as a guild master, mayor of a large city, even the king of a thriving empire. Despite their need to control everything around them, the Ebony Horror will keep its true form secret from all, and with its magical abilities, this isn't too hard.

When in natural form, the Ebony Horror is often surrounded in a glowing nimbus of shadowy flames which drop the temperature in the surrounding area to near sub freezing levels. This causes snow to began forming in humid areas, sweat to freeze on skin and fire creatures to take massive damage just by being in the presence of such a mystical abomination. Even creatures native and immune to cold will be caused to shiver at the sight of an Ebony Horror's true form.

Ebony Horrors were at least 16th level wizards, sorcerers or priests that have already attained lichdom through the normal process at 11th level. Like becoming a demi-lich, the Ebony Horror transformation is another and perhaps final, evolutionary step for this particular type of undead.

Finally, Ebony Horrors do not need phylacteries like normal liches do. During the transition, their souls are captured in the negative energy plane, providing the spiritual conduit the Ebony Horror uses to keep the portal to that plane of existence open permanently within it's new rib cage. They must use a keystone to open and close this portal when using their flesh form ability explained below.

These creatures are very rare and only one is known to be in existence as such they have the legendary classification similar to the Tarrasque. Ebony Horrors should not be used lightly in any campaign as they are often more powerful than some Gods.

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