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Default Re: Most active Wizardry 8 Forum

IronWorks used to have a Wiz 8 forum which is gone now (and probably explains why this thread ended up here).

Wizardry 8 was a pretty good game. I personally had some issues with it - mostly the mix of medieval weaponry/stuff with high tech weaponry/stuff. That tends to bother me, but it often works well together and a lot of people enjoy the mixture.

The game play was decent as I recall. There were some limitations within the character classes - sorry, I really don't recall the details on this any more. In some games you could change character classes gaining more skills and that was both fun and useful. I believe with Wiz 8 you had to be a lot more careful about what choices you made and how you spent your skill points.

I'm sure there's plenty of information out on the web about the game. If you like the basic game genre, you will probably like Wiz 8.

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