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(a figure in slightly wilted blue silk drags herself in and sits at the bar) Oh, my head! (grabs at said bodypart) Ai ai ai....wish I knew what was IN those drinks my sister LadyZekke and I put together last night!

Hey, LadyRae! Whooo we had a bit of a PARTEEEEE here last night. My sister LZ is going to be offline a few days while moving to the South wing of the estate..she has a lovely new suite! (moans and rubs face) Oh...those were very interesting concoctions... So LadyZ is moving her belongings (under her breath..but NOT the wardrobe..hehehe)to her new digs. Teehee...she complained about the er, noise, from the west wing, uh, where my and BK's suite is...teehee... I gotta get her a spell for "muffling sounds" hahahaha...ouch it hurts to laugh.

Wolfie! PURRRRRhowlPURRR...OUCH! It hurts to purr and howling is worse! OH MY HEAD feels like it's going to fall right off! Dang bottles weren't very well labeled and we just poured and poured....sigh...

Howdy Reeka...uh you up and about so early? Wow, didn't you have a LimeFloorkisser last night? That had LZ ON the floor! HAHAHA (rubs head and moans again) Me, I stuck to the Pineapple Partygirl...and that sure wasn't fruit juice! oh my...

Hey, LadyRae? You are the Inn's proprietor, yes? You think you could give the daytime help a day off one of these days? I'd (grins, rubs temple) like to get to know him better...hehehe...

Anyone seen the rest of the party from last night? What a crowd we had! KDog, that mysterious Ranger fellow, Relic, Sir Taliesin, of course LadyZekke, Reeka ..oh you're here! OUCH it hurts to think!, Charean, Gray Mage, 250, LoA(teehee)....oh dear I must be forgetting head is pounding..

Listen, when the dayshift comes in, tell him I need TEA badly.... I'll just sit here quietly til then...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

CB, snoozing at the bar (and in rl, heading to work!)

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