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Hobbits are great at about any class really. A couple of Mook points though. They can max out their prime stats faster than a hobbit can because they have more spare points and will be allowed to spend more per attribute when you make them. So I would probably go Str/Dex or Dex/Sen, but either way the Mook will max those stats out a little sooner and open up the personal skills faster. Also to me Speed is pretty much a waste of a stat after you get the haste spell, I only build it in the character I am going to use to cast that spell at the start of every fight, which won't be the ranger. I say this because if you look at your characters stats during a fight where a level 7 haste is up, it pumps their speed by I think 70-75 points, so everyone will have a speed of 100+ with that spell on. Take the extra 10 points the Mook gets, add 5 to speed, 5 to piety, and you have a character who's 10 points lower in a (to me anyway) worthless stat, speed, and who will max out his prime stats faster; also who will get a better melee weapon in the GS. But you can't go wrong either way. The last party I ran I decided on a Mook over a Hobbit for a character who went from Ninja to Ranger, really for the GS, before he got that he used the No Dachi as a Ninja and was alot of fun.
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