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After a Baldurs Gate-free year I thought it would be time to hunt Irenicus once again. This time I choosed an elven fighter/thief for my PC and installed several mods to make saving the world more fun.

One of these mods was the improved thief stronghold. Everthing was working fine so far but now I have a little problem. I just attacked the city guard which wasn't that hard at all, but when I'm talking to Lathan (that's was his name, wasn't it?) to get my reward, I only receive 5000 Exp per party member but nothing else! Is this all? 5000 Exp? No item? That can't be because as far as I understood Lathan he was saying something like "here is your reward". That means (in my eyes) that he is trying to give me some cool thief-only item but a bug won't let him...damn bug

Could somebody tell me, what item I am missing there or if there is a solution for my problem?

Oh, might it be possible that the cause of this problem is, that I didn't got a journal entry for the city guard quest?
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