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Got another great tip for you guys...

Ever want to save back a skull or two to become a Warlock, but greed ol' Sir Elgar keeps snagging them for the Bounty Quest every time you visit Town Hall? Is that's what's bothering you, pooky?

Well, fear no more! You can sell your skulls at the Armory and buy them back at very little charge. HOWEVER: If you sell them all "stacked", they sell altogether, but only one will remain to buy back.

To get all the skulls back, sell them one at a time by "divvying" them out. You can buy back as many as you want now, at your leisure.

But that's not all! This trick works with ALL stackable items...especially those Serpin Coins needed for the Thieves' Guild quest in Ishad N'ha! Store multiple potions, arrows, and other stackable items for good in the the same quantities at which you sold them!

So remember, kids, divvy before you sell!

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