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No, I haven't done solo "multiplay" thingie, neither the pure solo game. Yeah I could it but where's the fun here? One of the biggest and main source for fun are the NPC who join up, result in quests, bicker amongst themselves and so on. Going solo or "multiplay" solo simply cuts the fun in half, if not even more.

I did try it for a moment, since I thought it would be cool to have all chars made by me and so on, but dang, I restarted that game rather soon. Booooooring. Did totally solo, but bleh, so much gets missed as well. Booooooring. So nah.. I right now play with a party, and try to do as many quests as possible, including the quests of different NPC's. Basically I take them in, keep them in till their quest is over and then replace with some other NPC, who has or may have his/her/it's own quest. More fun and action in any way.
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