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Originally posted by Stratos:
True, it is still after all the owners of a place to decide (within some limits) what visitors are allowed to wear, or rather not wear, but specific rules and policies that might raise questions or are otherwise out of the normal should be posted by the entrace of the establishment in question.

(God, that was a long sentence!) [img]graemlins/laugh2.gif[/img]
According to the reports I have heard, the mall had signs posted at every entrance/exit explaining the new policy - which was put in place after a "peace protest" around Christmas ended up being very disruptive and turning into a "near riot".

I have searched diligently but CANNOT find a story to verify how "out of hand" the Christmas demonstration became... but it was obviously severe enough to prompt the mall to institute this new policy.

Was the policy a "knee jerk" reaction by the mall? Quite possibly. There are also charges that the mall only enforced the policy on those wearing "anti-war" shirts. People wearing "pro-war" shirts were apparantly not asked to remove their shirts or leave - or so the critics claim.

Like I said, I couldn't find a story to verify the accusations for either side on that issue.
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