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Possilbe spoiler...

what is up with those **** Man traps?

I get to this point in the game with maybe only 1 or 2 sections (playing on hard difficulty) where i would consider the fights challenging. Then, on my way to the castle, I run into about 10 ratlings, 4 mantraps, and 4 swamp mucks. Do the programmers actually expect people at this point in the game to have a fighting chance with these critters? My party was around 8-10th level when i got to this point in the game, and i think i havenot passed up a single chance to get experience legitimately (i don't kill the NPC's unless they are evil)

I did manage to kill them...The mantraps took out the ratlings, the swamp mucks chased me to the graveyward, where they got stuck in the porticulis...i dispatched them with flamestrikes while deftly dodging their gas, and then got the mantraps 'stuck' on a corner near the moat, where i would shoot all my flamestrikes at them. Between resting and engaging, it must have taking me the better part of thee hours to kill these dudes.

My point is this. I don't think they intended for the player to fight them the way i did. If it were not for the clipping errors, i would have been toasted. What were the programmers thinking? I imagine if i were ten levels higher i still would have been toasted in a straight up fight with these guys!