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Originally posted by Black Knight:
2. Port means left and Starboard means right. Blue and Green? Just a blahtant guess, but didn't want to ignor it.
5. Donotes wheel structure for the Engine. 2 means two front wheels, then 6 on the Locomotion part, and then 4 behind, holding the 'coal' part.
6. Horse Racing was the best I could find . . . describing the weighted races based on handicapped . . . not sure here . . .
9. Well, they had a meeting from June 25 1979 to June 29th 1979 . . . did they share a Geisha Girl? (jking)


Again not bad, mostly right, fewer passes

2. Port = red, Starboard = Green easy to remember with the line, "there's no red port left"
5. Almost, but the third number isn't necessarily the number of wheels of the coal part as you put it. It is the third wheel set, which may well be under the coal part of a tank loco, but on an express one with a tender, then these wheels are under the cab. PS also only relates to steam locos, diesels use a different nomenclature.
6. Darts
9. Do you think either wanted sloppy seconds, they're world leaders!!! No it was in fact the peanut, JC farmed them, HH studied them (fascinating pair )


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