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Originally posted by Black Knight:

3 In what year did the Chaco war commence?
5 Where was Napoleon Boneparte born?
6 What was the name of the first turreted warship?
10 Relating to artillery what would be measured in calibres?
11 What is or are Chevaux de Frises?
12 What is meant by the Latin phrase as it would be in modern usage, i.e. not its litteral translation - "Pons Assinorium" ?

Not bad but these were wrong, or in the case of 10, I would like you to clarify what you went by size, length, width or what?

3. 1932
5. Corsica - in 1808 he was already up and going, do you mean to suggest he invaded Russia at the age of 4? LOL
6. USS Monitor 1862
11. Metal spikes driven into the ground at 45 degrees as a medieval defence against a cavalry charge
12 well litterally it means a bridge for Donkeys, but it would mean a test for beginners


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