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They run in dos and all the games are available if you search. Originally made by SSI they are now released by Interplay in boxed sets of a few games called the Forgotten Realms Archive. I beleive there are 3 volumes. Use the search engines to see if any online software store has them, I know Amazon has volume 3. Also released was the complete fantasy set which had a dungeonmaster game (I will have to dig mine out to remember what it was called) that was random every time and the jewel in the crown FRUA or to give it its full title Fantasy Realm Unlimited Adventures. This was the engine used to make the Gold Box games and you could make your own RPG.
It is still popuar and various clever hackers (of the right kind) have produced various add ons that allowed you to import other graphics ect. It still has a following check out

also check out the Dungeon craft pages on this (iornworks) site as this is another bunch of clever programmers trying to make a more up to date version of FRUA.