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I just ordered the Ultimate Wizardry Archives (again ). I ordered in July, got my response and promptly waited 2 months for nothing to show up. After a caustic email to Digital River, I received a reply that Interplay did not have the CD even though they were still selling it on their website, but that they would look into it. Another two months and an even more viscious email, they replied that it had been discontinued. Gotta love false advertising. Now they have it up on their website again. We'll see....

The only experience I have had with Wizardry was:

a) A friend in college had either the original or second one (of all things, on a 5.25 floppy)...I remember him jumping up and down cheering when I found the last piece of armor for him on level 10 (can you say "Malorto, Malorto, Malorto"?)...of course, then I forgot how to teleport and put all his chars into rock. We don't speak any more....

b) I got Wizardry 6 for SNES...I liked that one.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of them are really like.
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