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Originally posted by Garnet:
Iran, probably. Pakistan, maybe. Saudi Arabia, sticky situation. But what about Ireland? Malaysia, the Phillipines, etc.? Hell, even the US has terrorists lurking in the shadows (not that we everyday-joes know about them,of course. But the hijackers of 911 lived here for a while, so in essence we were unwittingly 'harboring' them)

Where do you draw the line?

(hmmm, seems that question is being asked a lot lately.....)

Exactly! Which is why a can't understand how some people (high ranking officials, too) feel like this is all cut and dried! Will separate states in the US, holding anti-government militias, be targeted. Will this turn into attacking not just groups against America, but groups that oppose the US Government (sometimes thought of as 2 very different things).


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