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I'm talking hypotheticals here.

I imagine it is very fortunate that bin laden is centered in Afghanistan and protected by the Taliban. Afghanistan is probably the easiest target in the Middle East.

I wonder if all the bombing would have taken place if he was holed up in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or Iran. Each of these places could have been home base for bin and I wonder if we would have been so ready to attack any of these.

I imagine if it was Iraq there would have been no problem.

I also saw on CNN that there was a conference of terrorist leaders in Iran in April of this year. Makes me wonder which terrorist sympathizing nation is next on our list.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for a fight against terrorism. But how can we possibly war on all the nations that have terrorist groups in them? How can we possibly afford all the bombs?

I think this will continue on and on until Mr. Bush is re-elected to second term. Bombing for votes, eh!

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