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Why go thru all that trouble when you can just get someone with a high enough enchant/bless skill and enhance the things you already have?
With my level 5 bless, I have +6 katanas (that's +6 to hit and +7 damage), +6 wakazashis, +5 witch's sticks, +5 AC bracelets, +5 to hit bracelets and many +5 rings... I have +6 weapons from original +1 weapons (+1 to hit, +2 to damage).

Unfortunately these things cost money. 5 blessings cost 1000+2000+4000+8000+16000 gold and repairing them runs into the thousands per item repair!

I don't have enchant but I suppose that's where the Artifact of X spells come in.

For the gold, I just use the arrow buy/sell bug in the Bushi Dojo. *shrug*
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