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OKAY here is my GOOD REP final team to be carried forwar into BG2-TOB

1) Keldorn-Inquisitor Paladin-Holy Avenger+5 AC-5 127%Fire Resist+50%Mag Res
2) Minsc -Ranger -Crom Faeyr+5 AC-8 100%Elec Resist
3) Jaheira-Fighter/Druid -Water's Edge+3 AC-12 100%Elec Resist
4) me -Assassin=dual=Mage-Staff of Magi+5 AC-7 100%Mag Dam Res
5) Imoen -Thief=dual=Mage -Gesen's Bow+4 AC-7 50% Mag Dam Res
6) Aerie -Cleric/Mage -Flail of Ages+3 AC-7 70% Cold Res
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