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Party choice is highly subjective and will depend a lot on the types of characters you like to play. For what its worth, I used this party to play through IWD / HOW in HOF mode:

Human Paladin
Half-Elven Ranger/Cleric
Half-Elven Fighter/Druid
Elven Fighter/Mage/Thief

This group gave me complete access to ALL spell groups and a good mix of all skills available in the game. The omission of a single class highly specialized fighter was not a huge loss in my estimation, but if you like the "mega-tank" concept, you can easily swap out the Paladin for a dwarven fighter. Playing in HOF mode meant that XP was NOT an issue for my multi-class characters, but if you play in standard mode, then you might want to consider playing single class characters to maximize spell lists. In that case, I would recommend this mix:

Dwarven fighter

Hope this helps.
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