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Originally posted by Black Knight:
Umm, CB, I put some tea by you on the bar **walks over** here it is. Orange Peroke, no funny business. **Looks up and takes a step back** And one Anvil coming right up. **Anvil falls on CB's head, breaking into a million shards of lightweight glass** Boy that made a mess, but was sooo worth it . . .hehe.


Little black rain cloud perches itself above the Barkeep and rains a fine mist on him- spell duration: whole shift or until StormQueen feels like canceling it.

HEHEHE...anvil, HAR!

Hey GM! Nice to see you dragged yourself up this morning..uh do you remember dancing around the roasting rhina beast in a toga and lampshade? LOLOLOLOL

CB-starting to wake up

StormCloud of the Black Knight
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