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The stationary Earth Elemental, Cheesy, turns slowly to Ghwano’s new chars
They can speak same language .He says “head to the North mountains. When you can see the tower – break it!” and falls inanimate again
Ghwanos, it is a long trek North, you may want to find a wizard (Godly powers aren’t working because of the stellar crisis). In the mountains, you will have to fight off Life-Stealers (not too hard for Elementals, I shouldn’t think
The prisoners:
Heading down the hall, the lead chars are hit with a net – you have been ambushed by 3 Seraphs. One is 15th lvl fighter, another 12th lvl Thief/Mage, other 16th level Berserker

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is pimp.