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Yes that's right friends and neighbors; take a break from your one-handed web browsing and stop by the site that has all the ladies talking! Today, we have a super-sized update for you:

* New member, Drukus-- he has a poem for you!

* New member, Serath-- he has a story chapter for you, "The Trouble With Dwarves!"

Profile & map information to follow shortly. On a side note, the Archive just hit 1,000 visitors! Wyvern said that if the site hit 1,000 visitors within 2 weeks, she would post some nudie pics of herself! (Lets see if she's paying attention to the board right now... hehehe)

Anyway, stop by, enjoy a mug of ale, vote in the polls, and read some titillating tales!
I thank you for your support!

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