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Ironworks Forum Re: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has been temporarily removed from sale.

What the hell? I had seen no indication of this whatsoever and I go to the forums there on a daily basis, mostly in the modding section. Weird. Lawyers and contracts--never an easy situation to resolve regardless of which side of the table is yours. Well, I still have my BGEE and am I still making my own tweaks to it. I figured out how to implement a sword of sharpness--very nice.

It will be a shame if BG2EE isn't released, though. I wonder if it would be possible to run BG2 using the BGEE engine, though? There are many codes and effects that have been fixed and should work normally now.....

edit to add: I think I found the reason. This is an older article from 22 May in the Wall Street Journal relating to Atari's ongoing bankruptcy. Atari Aims to Sell Game Assets at July Auctions.
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