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Default Re: What's Your World of Warcraft Character?

Ok, one more update

Nordrassil EU

Dawgxx -lvl85-Nightelf survival hunter
Fondle-lvl85-human retribution paladin
Undygnome-lvl85-Gnome arcane mage
Ronian-lvl85-Nightelf balance druid
Worgenfriman-lvl85- Worgen shadowpriest
Ruffneck-lvl85-human frost Deathknight
Worgasms-lvl77-Worgen fury warrior
Dawgiebank-lvl24-Dwarven fury warrior
Azadar-lvl85-Undead destruction warlock
Wasntmee-lvl66-Bloodelf rogue

Terokkar EU

Hokustokus-lvl85- Dranei elemental shaman
Bowwjobb-lvl41-Bloodelf survival hunter
Underneathya-freshly rolled lvl1 goblin mage (going frost for purely pvp)
Moobarak-lvl9-Tauren arms warrior

14 chars so far, yep i'm a busy bee LOL
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