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Originally posted by Cort:
I just got DarkStone like a week ago and i think it is a really awesome game but where do you get youth potions i only found like 2 and they were on quests. Can you buy them? I have never seen them in a store plz help. Also i want to try the game online but dont know what to do. help me out plz
Okey dokey (deep breath)

Firstly I will assume you have a legit copy (not burned). My first bit of advice is to READ THE MANUAL My second is to look at the thread here on "Patches" and get them installed asap.

On the specifics:-

Youth potions are rare early on in the game and don't really appear in the shops till higher levels later on. Any you find keep them safe! I would suggest you use one each time your age gets above about 40. Don't be tempted to use the rest function either - just return to town and pay the innkeeper to restore your health & mana. Oh and btw, if you play enough and reach lvl 100 (120 is the max) you wont age any more. So thats something to aim for!

On-line Darkstone would probably be better left until you get a bit more exp. in how the game operates and you find your feet. . Here is a site where you can usually find no-line players It also has a chat prog where you can find other players. Gamespy Arcade also supports multiplayer Darkstone.

Happy hunting


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