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Firstoff, you can take only 1gb or 512 mb of RAM, because the modules are 512 or 256 mb. Dualchannel is nullified with three modules, so I'd stick to 512. Secondly, 9600XT w/ 256 MB isn't really expensive anymore, and I've even heard rumors of a Fireblade XT 256MB for just a bit more money(cca 180$). Harddrive price differences are laughably small, so a difference between a 60 and a 120 GB hard of the same manufacturer and quality is about 30-40$. Barton 2500+ is the best gaming proc out there because it's supercheap(100$ max) and with a bit more money invested(50$) it turns out to be a 3200+(300$, nice save). MBO's are cheap, and it really doesn't matter what you take. I've seen 50$ ABITs that are quite excellent. 17" monitors are a must today, not because you must have them, but because you can. The price difference between that and a 15" is negligible. So if you don't invest extra money in superquality case(100$) and cooling extras, your cool machine could be up to 870(R/W, keyboard, mouse, monitor and 2.1 sound included) and have some 3500-3900 in 3D Mark 2003.
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