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We're not very busy around here these days but I notice that lots of us show up regularly anyways soooooooo

What's NEW and INTERESTING????

For me it's mostly painting, painting, painting and more painting. Did open a CafePress shop where folks can buy some of my paintings on mugs and mousepads and other assorted stuff. Need to rework my art website but not quite sure what to do - I do have a ton of paintings that I need to add to it at least.

We had a very rare warm spell here last week - it really felt like Spring - what a tease! I'm so ready for Spring!!

So, what good movies have you seen lately??
Read any good books??

I'm currently rereading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Have a pile of books to read!

and I've been doing experiments with Polyclay which has been fun too!
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