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Originally posted by Sorcerer Alex:
I am merely commenting that the evidence seems to be against certain middle-eastern countries. This could include any country: Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan etc. I am unbiased in this matter and will gladly take my words back if proven wrong, but as it stands I feel I do have a valid point.
What evidence, Alex? You have no evidence, only the suspicion of motive. That was the exact same situation that existed after the Oklahoma City bombing, and people immediately pointed fingers at the Arabs for the same reason as you are doing now.

Magik, some lunatic phoning in that the Palestinians were behind it is NOT credible evidence. As was pointed out above, after almost any terrorist attack, all kinds of loonies try to take credit for it. That isn't real proof, just another indication that there are persons of questionable sanity running loose in the world.
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