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Originally posted by Sorcerer Alex:
The middle east *is* responsible for this. There is too much evidence against them. Doing something like this is what gets them to heaven in their religion. That is one thing we don't even need to debate.
Let me take my mod hat off for a sec.

OK, let me go out on a limb here and play devil's advocate, to show you why I think that statements like what you posted above are inflammatory and lead to misinformation and feelings of hatred and resentment towards groups which may be innocent. Don't take any offence, this is a purely hypothetical statement which shows you how easily conclusions can be drawn using sketchy data.

Hypothetically speaking, why couldn't it have been the Israelis? Don't they have the most to gain from the US getting inflamed against the Palestinians/Arabs? They have the command and control experience to manage this type of operation. They have the means to funding. Mossad has a close working relationship with the US Military and Intelligence.

Why couldn't they have done it? This would put the US firmly in their camp and would help the US to understand "how they feel" living with terrorism on a daily basis.

Now I have no proof at all of the above. I don't think the Israelis did it either. I made it all up!! to show you that nothing is certain in this situation until investigative work is completed and facts can be drawn.

To advocate attacking a particular group because we "think" they did is is lunacy.

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