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I think the item description is mostly there for flair. In P&P games, to make an enchanted weapon requires 3 basic spells: Enchanted Weapon (makes a +3 weapon, level 4 I believe), Enchant an Item (level 6 I believe, and used solely for making magical items), and the Permanency spell.

The components may be hard to find, and most DMs make it difficult, but the BG2 descriptions are there to add to the "flavor" of the game. Does the text for the Crom Faeyr elcicit pulls on your heart-strings? I sure hope not.

Anyways, it makes no sense that an inferior weapon, such as a quarterstaff (its simple wood) could be made to kill Liches, Dragons, and everything else, but the perfect fighting sword cannot even scratch them!!!

Logic 101. Something that is better, should function more effectively, yet that is not the case here. At least one weapon from each class should have an equal enchantment (in terms of versatility or power, at least the +x designation) to give each character a chance of overcoming its foe. I'm okay with a less powerful weapon overall as long as it can still be used to effectively smack everything, or at least having a chance to hit! Talk about balance...
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