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So, Resurrection is usless unless you're playing two characters? Or do you get more characters later in the game? I have an uncle who's played and finished DarkStone..he said he didn't think you picked up any other party members..which would make sense since I don't think I saw anything in the manual about secondary members unless you create them into your game..Which leaves Resurrectino usless in a one person game..Grrrr..right?

I probably am low-level 'cause I'm not very far into the game..I think my character is level 15 or 16, somewhere around there. Most my armor stays in good condition, get it fixed as quickly as possible..Nosferatu did demolish my shield however..With all the side-quests people in town give you I've got quite a bit of money saved up, most of it does go on potions though.

Anyway, for the question I have..Do people generally just keep upgrading their armor and all of that..or do they buy/find new and leave the old behind? Which way offers the best protection?
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