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I've been playing the game for about two days now and everything is going fine. I'm in the land of Marghor going through levels 9-12 to retrieve the baby from the burnt down village. Anyway, those darned bats keep killing me. My main question is what is the Resurrection spell good for? You die and can't use it. In the manual it says the Resurrection spell revives your character. But how? I'm a thief, do you have to be a monk/priestess wizard/sorceress to be able to use it?

And, I'm looking for confermation on an armor issue. On the right side of my screen my armor/weapon will show up in red. Does this mean the durability is wearing out? If so, the realisticness of that in this game armor doesn't last long and I'm broke with a falling apart cloak and weapon.

If anyone can tell me an easy way past the bats..I'd be grateful for that too!

Thanking you muchly in advance,
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