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From the shadows behind Ed and Darkrider step two people - Desuma and Drongo.

"Ed, why should we wish to defeat you? Darkrider, why should there be a war?" Desuma asks. "WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE REALIZE, WE ARE A RESTAURANT, WE WANT TO FEED YOU, NOT KILL YOU?!!"

Calming down, she then says, "We need to have a staff meeting, so I want all non-authorized personell to leave NOW."

After Ed, Darkrider, Alaric, various city guards, a health inspector, and assorted other riff raff leave, Desuma says, "OK, for our first order of business I would like to thank Killing Spree for keeping such a good watch on the place while Drongo and I were out 'scouting'. KS, Larry of the Temple would like to meet with you so that he can give you the money that they owe us for damages [see the KFA thread over in the GD forum]. Of course you may have whatever support you wish."

"Next, I'm afraid it is to be war, my friends. Even as we speak the ALSB is preparing for battle [see various ALSB and HADB threads in the GD forum]. I find the idea of such a mighty clan declaring war on a restaurant to be ludricous, yet I am also very angry. They have attempted to cause us bodily harm at every turn, yet the worst we have offered them is a cream pie in the face and a trip home when one of them came in here and tried to wreck the place. Two of their number have declared a truce with us, yet they are pathetically quick to break their word and attack us yet again. They would take the food from our mouths and declare a 'holy war' upon us, just because they don't like the way we live. Are we going to lie down and take this? I for one am not."

"Finally, we have several new staff members. Would you please introduce yourselves and perhaps tell us a little about you?"

Proprieter of IW's finest dining establishment, KFA (a.k.a. Kentucky Fried Avariel). It's finger lickin' good!!