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Originally posted by Black Knight:
Originally posted by Cloudbringer:

Played golf this week?
Eaten any toast?
Chatted up any mischiefmaking elflets? LOL


Yeah, yeah, it's time to do the laundry. Hey, I could really go four weeks if I have to . . .

No, No, and No, she was too busy to talk to little old me today . . .


Awww...yah she had WORK at the office, shame, that, but they get on her case if she doesn't finish things...sigh...

Thought I'd keep you busy, anyway... so uh, answer the nice people's questions, ok? teehee! Least I could do if I can't keep you good company, sweet Knight! Workload should lighten up later this week, I hope. And things will be back to normal...promise!

Think I'll go have some tea in a kitty mug. Catch you later...I'll be checking to see if you answer all the posts to you...hehehe


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